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Intergalactic Viral Video Takes Viewers To 'Edge' of Universe and Blows People's Minds

"So fascinating and yet scary how unfathomably vast space is," comments a user.

A marvelous animation takes those who view it on an illuminating adventure through outer space, beyond the Milky Way and ultimately to the edge of the known universe. Included in the journey are stunning revelations about the difficult-to-comprehend nature of distances measured in light years.

Posted by TikTok user @spaceengineofficial, see for yourself why the video has users astonished.


"There’s no way we’re the only living creatures in the universe," writes commenter @jeaniejennenne.

Video viewer @ron_jaxon says, "Space will always fascinate me."

"My brain cannot actually comprehend," remarks @ron_jaxon.

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"Space sends me into a crisis," writes @alexandriuh_. "How was something so eternally large created? So much darkness. So much space. How did it all happen?"

"So fascinating and yet scary how unfathomably vast space is," notes reader @victorp.6.

User @salva_mami observes this: "I'm literally living on an insignificantly small rock just floating amongst other small rocks," she writes.

User @water._drinker sums it up, saying, "This made me calm and question existence at the same time."

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