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Two Galaxies Colliding 130 Million Light Years Away Are Captured In Viral Video

An astrophotographer documents an impressive sight.

A man with an earthbound telescope grabs some awesome photos of two galaxies so close they may actually collide. According to the joint NASA and European Space Agency Hubble Telescope Website, NGC 5426 and NGC 5427 are a pair of similarly sized interacting spiral galaxies. 

"It is not certain if this interaction they undergo will end in a collision and ultimately in a merging of the two galaxies or if the galaxies will experience just a very close encounter," the site says. "It is definitely sure that the galaxies are already affecting each other as material was ripped off the galaxies to create a bridge of stars and dust connecting them."

Posted by TikTok user @brandonomeal, the video below showcases the spectacular sight.


"This will be us and Andromeda in the distant future," writes commenter @n7knights.

In fact, as explains, "Our Milky Way will undergo a similar collision in the far future with the neighboring Andromeda galaxy, which is now located about 2.6 million light years away."

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Reader @archie.ellams hilariously posts this observation: "OMG, that was soooo 130 million years ago."

"Sometimes when you stare at the universe, it stares back, proclaims @roguemechanic88.

"So awesome," writes cals_n60. "It's a shame we only get to see them as they were and not as they are.

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