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Watch This Dazzling Video As It Shows the Size of the Largest Star In the Known Universe

Compared to the Earth, our Sun is huge. But even our Sun pales in size compared to Stephenson 2-18.

You can put 1.3 million Earths inside our Sun. And there is a star out in the Milky Way that would be able to contain 10 billion of our Suns. It's circumference is actually larger than the size of Saturn's orbit around the Sun. That star is known as Stephenson 2-18.

This animation video, posted by TikTok user @earthandspacee, is a fantastic video putting all this into perspective. Watch and see.


"Imagine how many earths you could put in this," writes a commenter.

Another observes, "They really named the biggest star in the galaxy Steve."

"And this is just a star we have discovered," says a viewer of the animation. "I can't even imagine the size of the stars we haven't yet discovered."

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One says, "Imagine that exploded."

"And I still stress about school," writes a commenter trying to put things in perspective.

This user surmises, "We really are nothing, aren’t we?"

Well, we wouldn't say we are nothing, but we appreciate this visual representation as a good way of putting things in perspective.

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