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See Gorgeous Moon Close-Up Through Astrophotographer's Telescope In Delightful Video

This is our lunar companion in a view that's truly one of a kind.

A generous stargazer with enormous talent as well as a serious telescope and photography setup took 2 million photos of the Moon over 26 days "to see how it danced."

The result is a wonderful video set to music that shows our moon in various stages during those 26 days. Once brilliant and bright, we then observe shadows creeping across the craters, emphasizing their stark contrasts of light and dark.

TikTok user @cosmic_background shares this video that is sure to bring a smile to your face. Judge for yourself, but we think you might want to share it and provoke a grin out of a friend as well.


The producer of the video marvels a bit at his own achievement. "Still can’t believe I pulled this off. This is one 'Lunation' showing Libration," he writes. Libration refers to the perception that the earth-facing side of the moon seems to waver, allowing an observer to see slightly different hemispheres of the surface at different times. 

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We are reminded that we only see one side of the Moon, as tidal locking results in the moon rotating in about the same time it takes to orbit Earth. The other side, the dark side, remains to most a mystery.

The idea was ambitious, the execution was flawless and the creation is a triumph. We understand that @cosmic_background has authored other videos as well. We will share them as we get them.

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