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Watch This Stunning Video of Lunar Eclipse From the Master of Space Photos

Viewers are amazed at what this astrophotographer is able to capture.

The Internet's favorite night sky telescope artist treats us to another wonderful treat as he assembles images of the recent lunar eclipse.

You can view the dazzling video by Andrew McCarthy, who goes by the TikTok user name @cosmic_background, here.


"Love your work, man," writes a commenter.

Another says, "Great job!!! I'm so mad I missed it."

"Thank you so much for posting these!" exclaims a grateful viewer of the video.

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"These are AMAZING," writes another user. "I would be out as much as I could if I owned one of these," referring to the poster's incredible telescope.

One more simply states, "Breathtaking."

These images are breathtaking, indeed. We follow the poster's work, and will continue to highlight new developments as we get them.

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