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Watch This Kid Absolutely Wreck Your Fake Moon Landing Theories In 30 Seconds

If you still think the 1969 moon landing was faked, this sharp kid has some words for you.

Look, if Buzz Aldrin won’t lay you out for doubting his momentous accomplishment, this aspiring astronomer will … with facts.

Watch as this awesomely smart young dude breaks down a number of popular conspiracy theories surrounding the moon landing, knocking them over one by one.


Posted by a young TikToker known as Shayan Khan, the video breaks down a few conspiracy theories revolving around the moon landing, and explains them plainly and simply.

So, how are the viewers taking it? Most folks are on the kid’s side!

“Faking the moon landing back then would have been harder than landing on the moon,” one viewer said, though the logic here doesn’t quite check out.

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“I can't believe people actually think we faked the moon landing,” another commenter said.

“Finally someone that knows that we went to the moon,” another viewer chimed in with. “It’s crazy some adults believe we haven’t.”

“Ain't no way a kid just proved most adults wrong,” another viewer finally said, which is an excellent point.

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