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Questions About NASA's Fast-Approaching Missions To the Moon? We've Got the Answers

Artemis 1 launches on August 29.

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A spacecraft capable of transporting humans hasn't been to the moon in 50 years, but that will change in less than two weeks. On Monday, August 29, Artemis 1 takes off on a lunar mission and the goal is to very soon run humans up to the moon once again. Artemis 2 is in the works as well, and it will be Artemis 3 that accommodates astronauts and sends humans back to the Earth's natural satellite. Learn more in the video below, including the fascinating reason why revisiting the moon is only for practice.


Excitement is evident in the comments section for this TikTok clip posted by @thegalacticgal.

"I'm over the moon at this news!" exclaims @kennypapp.

"I am beyond excited for Artemis," confesses @omega9452. "I tried to get tickets to the launch through the creator program but they didn't pick me."

"Don't worry," replies @thegalacticgal. "I wasn't selected either." Which is a bit surprising considering she actually worked on the project, specifically for Artemis 1 and 2, and even a bit on 3.

"What kind of testing will they be doing on these missions?" asks @hvacdoctor904.

"Artemis 1 will be all about testing the equipment for these missions," answers @dworren.

"Where can I get a moon visa?" inquires @erixoooo.

"In this crazy world, it's so refreshing to see this level of enthusiasm," writes @mapi.charlie. "Finally, we're going back."

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