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Saturn Is Losing it's Rings! Video Goes Viral as the Internet Reacts

"This is just absolutely fascinating," writes a commenter.

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For many people Saturn is their favorite of all the planets. That's largely because, most would agree, its rings simply look amazing. The smallest telescopes can capture the rings and people are always amazed when they see them for the first time with their own eyes. 

Posted by TikTok user @astro_alexandra, the below video explains how Saturn is losing its rings and how long it will take for them to disappear entirely.


"This is just absolutely fascinating, writes @danniharris1981.

User @hopeless_fangirl24 asks, "Saturn is getting a divorce?"

"Honestly, Saturn will become my least favourite planet if its rings go when I'm alive," declares @felicity_kg."

Viewer of the video @thekesselrunner gas a positive outlook: "Whenever I despair at the state of the world, I also think about how I'm also alive in a time when I can see and understand the universe like this," he says.

"I don't know why, but I think Drake is behind this," jokes @cranberryblissbar.

Reader @spiltcoffee1 has a tip: "I managed to take a pic of Saturn only using my phone," he says. "You can even see its rings."

"Well, since I’m aware of the consequences of the second law of thermodynamics," writes @andreek495, "I only want to see the good side. Yay, rings on Saturn!"

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