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Excitement Builds: First Photos From New NASA Telescope Will Be Deepest Space Images Ever Seen

The excitement is building, and here is what we know so far.

The James Webb Space Telescope will reveal its first photos on Tuesday, but we have a preview of what to expect. The Galactic Gal provides us with all the advance information available before the July 12 unveiling.

Posted by space pro and TikTok user @thegalacticgal, the below video gives us a sneak look.


"I'm so excited!" exclaims viewer of the video @missbot.

"I’m going to cry when I see everything it takes a picture of," writes @bizamanic.

Reader @inklungs is stoked with anticipation as well. "I'm looking forward to this like it's the next Avengers!" he says.

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"July 12th might actually change everything," predicts @robthehero96.

I'm excited!" admits @princessbugglebum. "But I also have extreme existential anxiety about this."

"I finally found my people!" says @nikihoto. "Where do I find the pictures when they're released?"

We'll be covering the unveiling and will have them right here. It's at 10:30 Eastern time on Tuesday, July 12.

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