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What Would You Name a Planet? This Video Explains the Process And Viewers Have Ideas

One suggestion is, "Mickey Mouse, so Pluto isn't alone."

If you discovered a brand new planet, have you given any thought to what you would name it? 

Posted by TikTok user @astro_alexandra, in this video she educates us on what organization is actually responsible for naming them. Viewers of the video offer their ideas as well.


"Mickey Mouse, so Pluto isn't alone," suggests viewer of the video @grassripper.

"I'll name it Miguel," writes @pica.666.

Reader @ihavehairlikeatoothbrush would name a new planet "Giveusbackourrights. I think that’s a pretty sound name," she says.

"Name: New New England," remarks @byggmester_noble.

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User @aaguusttinaa says she would name it "Taylor Swift."

"If it's a pink planet, I'll name it Planet Her," contributes @ethiopix.

"Vulcan," says @.ikkoo. "We were robbed of that."

Video watcher @253.27north suggests, "Alderaan, because if my idea is to be shot down, it may as well be ironic."

Finally, user @xx123isaac123xx writes, "I'd name it Minecraft."

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