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Video Showing Incredible Close-Up of a Solar Flare Has People Astonished

The size of these solar flares compared to Earth is jaw-dropping.

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When people think of the sun, they generally only consider its warmth, when it rises and sets, or whether clouds will or won't be obscuring it on a given day. Most times they don't think about the solar activity that might be happening on its surface.

That's why it's not only instructive, but downright majestic and awe-inspiring, to get a close-up view of that activity with a powerful telescope.

This video provided by Andrew McCarthy, known on TikTok as @cosmic_background, gives us a phenomenal peek at the immensity and power of these flares. Don't miss the end of the 53-second clip for a powerful representation of their size.


McCarthy says in the comments that to capture this he used "an AR127 with a Daystar Quark Chromosphere, Baader ERF, and an ASI 174mm camera."

Solar flare frequency can range from several per day to less than one every week so it can be a bit of a challenge to get them on film. 

This video was posted on May 8, 2022 while the sun is nearing “solar maximum,” which is part of the cycle with increased activity, he writes.

"Stunning," writes one commenter, followed by another one word observation, "Incredible."

We agree. This is truly amazing first-class astrophotography at its finest.

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