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Watch Video of SpaceX's Starship-Catching Robotic Launch Tower With Elon Musk

"At SpaceX we specialize in converting things from impossible to late," says SpaceX CEO Elon Musk.

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The SpaceX S24 rocket is not yet completed but is scheduled to perform its first orbital flight test later this year. Meanwhile, SpaceX has released this video of CEO Elon Musk going up and into a launch tower at Starbase, Texas. The tower itself is robotic and has the capability to catch rockets with its arms.

Musk explains in this video posted to Reddit by user u/kokopeddle.


"At SpaceX we specialize in converting things from impossible to late," says Elon Musk in the video.

"What an amazing quote," comments a user.

One commenter attempts to explain the meaning of the quote: "SpaceX takes what was thought to be impossible, and make it happen, but usually taking longer than originally estimated."

"Right, but it’s funny because (a) it’s both grandiose and self-deprecating (like a winning olympic athlete admitting they were afraid of heights while climbing the medalist platform) and (b) the construction is simultaneously familiar ('convert from impossible to possible' or 'late to early') and unexpected," explains another commenter.

However you choose to understand the meaning of the quote, June 24 is the target for the next launch, so we'll know very soon if SpaceX is able to make that deadline.

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