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This Spinning Fan Miraculously Creates Pseudo-Holographic Images, And Everyone Loves It

This spinning fan that generates faux-holographic imagery could be great for parties.

Regardless of what a digital Tupac Shakur tells you, holograms are still a far way off from being a fully-fledged reality.

Still, we can enjoy the way there with some fun pieces of tech, like this fan that doubles as a “hologram” projector.

Wait until the end for a weird, random surprise from the device.


Posted by a TikTok account known oddly as 3D Holographic Fan, likely intending to sell the product, the video features a Tyrannosaurus Rex at the end … for some reason.

How are viewers reacting to the technology?

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“That's good for New Year’s,” one viewer said.

“I need that for New Year’s,” another viewer agreed.

“I’ll just buy it for the cool breeze, because of how hot it is at the moment,” another viewer joked.

And now for Captain Buzzkill, who said, “It's 2D images made to look 3D by rotation. The only thing unique is it's not on a screen —still 2D.”

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