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Einstein's Space-Time Gravity Theory On Planets and Stars Made Simple–One Minute and You Will Get It

This demonstration explains clearly and succinctly Albert Einstein's basic concept of gravity in space.

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Isaac Newton's theory that all objects with mass in space have a gravitational pull on each other dominated science for more than two hundred years until Albert Einstein proposed a new idea: that gravity was the result of curved space.

In this 59-second TikTok video, @sciencelobby shares the theory of the four-dimensional fabric of space, nimbly explaining it in concise fashion.


"What Einstein said was this," the presenter says. "If you don't have anything out in space, that's a flat space."

But if you add a star, he explains, "That star will bend space-time in that extra dimension that you can't see." 

"So according to Einstein," he continues, "There is no connection between the star and the planet. What you have is the star bending the fabric of space."

After watching the demonstration, commenter @katradiction writes, "Dude I love science but never understood this. Thank you!"

"Einstein is a genius and this makes so much sense," adds @john.sstephens.

Another commenter, @mahodes1253, seems grateful for the explanation as well. Her reaction: "Oh my gosh why has no one ever explained it like that to me that makes so much more sense."

"Who's that Einstein dude does he have a youtube channel?" asks @mjeedplay. 

We wish he did. 

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