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Gripping Video of Earth Relative To the Sun is Blowing People's Minds

Reaction to this animation showing the Earth's size in comparison to the sun has the Internet buzzing.

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We tend to think of our immediate surroundings in terms of relative distance. Driving from Memphis to Nashville, for example, will take a while, but it's not prohibitively long. You can plan for it and do it pretty easily. If you need to get from Memphis to Los Angeles, you're probably going to want to fly unless you have days to travel. If you need to get from Memphis to Paris, you're going to have to fly, and even that will take quite a while in the air.

So we think of the Earth as being pretty huge place. It is after all, the only place any of us live. But the universe is infinite and contains objects so incomprehensively vast as to make the Earth a minor spec in the far reaches of space.

This TikTok animation from @earthandspacee has people reacting from shock to astonishment to even fear as it dramatically shows the difference in size between the Earth and the sun.

Pretty wild, isn't it? The Earth's diameter is about 12,742 kilometers (7,918 miles), and the sun’s diameter is 1.4 million kilometers (869,920 miles). So you would need 109 earth's side-by-side to span the length of the diameter of the sun.

Commenter @wolvesofthenight writes, "This still blows my mind."

"New fear unlocked," says another user, @Keira Ellison-Judge.

A little darker and even waxing a bit philosophical, @rehairedoutlaw chimes in with, "Man I just love having a mornin' coffee with a side of EXISTENTIAL DREAD."

It is fascinating to think about our size compared to the rest of the universe. After all, we inhabit a small little planet in an insignificant solar system in the middle of nowhere. 

We like to keep things in perspective. So you can count on us to always be on the lookout for more videos like this to share. 

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