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This Is What Repairing A Tablet Looks Like, And It Ain't Pretty

Repairing a tablet looks exceedingly difficult after seeing someone almost lose an eye doing it.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to your tablet or laptop when it goes in for repairs, wonder no longer.

TikToker and repair technician Abdullah Kabani shows us exactly what happens when your hardware is in for repairs, at least for this sad Surface Pro 7. Getting inside a device like this is a lot more … direct than you might have thought.


Yep: when the tablet or laptop doesn’t have an easy way in from the back or bottom, you have to go through the screen. And, unfortunately, that usually means the screen will break.

Now, good on Kabani for remembering to put on safety goggles after a piece of glass flew his way while removing the display. But, that could have gone far worse for the guy had he been standing an inch to the side.

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Of course, these repair shops have replacement parts, including displays for specific tablet models. But, isn’t it almost like watching a train wreck? You cringe, but you can’t look away out of gross curiosity.

Anyway, most of the comments on the video are debating the nature of the repair customer and their military security clearance to outsource such a repair.

What’s more interesting to us is the screen breaking to bits as it’s detached from the tablet, but hey, maybe we’re missing the forest for the trees here.

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