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Watch Desperate Man In Crazy Scramble To Rescue Falling Drone In This Viral Video

This drone is falling out of the sky, and it's up to one desperate man to save it before it splashes to its demise.

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This man is on a mission. His beloved drone is descending far too fast and does not look as if it will make it to a safe, dry landing. There apparently is only one option to save it and that involves getting very wet.

Is he able to save his prized possession from imminent destruction? Only this video from TikTok user @unique.planet will tell the tale.

Commenter @drawing_is_my_life50 writes simply, "Wow."

"Hehe drones are expensive, so I wouldn't have let it drown either," writes @yjuok.

Another comment from @mellebelle0320 gets to perhaps the most important point: "He was gon save his $6,000," she says.

All in all, this made for some compelling video. It was a valiant effort, and it is definitely one for the TikTok drone all-time file. 

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