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Woman Recently Laid Off From 'Google' Explains Why So Many Tech Layoffs Are Happening

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Nobody likes being laid off. It can cause all kinds of mental and emotional stress (not to mention financial.) And as a number of you have probably heard, Google just laid off a bunch of employees.

One of them was TikTok user @__kimberlydiaz who shed some pretty upsetting light on this recent round of layoffs.  

We're trying (really trying, seriously) to process that number - Seventeen BILLION dollars - That's SEVENTEEN BILLION Dollars - In PROFITS!??? That kind of money and Google still lays people off (We don't like it. At all. In fact, we hate it.) And we're not alone on this one, the internet wasn't loving it either. 

TikTok user @psmitty posted, "Yes. So many companies are making billions are are raising prices for consumers and slashing employees. I'm done with these big boys." While TikTok user @AnaKing remarked, "Zero excuses for Google. That company HAS money. Lots of it."  

TikTok user @SciFifan added, "Google deserves all the bad press it gets for handling it the way they did. It was cold blooded." Later adding on some of their own experience with their former company, "My company had planned layoffs & my manager had approved my coworker's PTO request knowing he'd have to give him a call while on vacation to let him know." (That's brutal. We'd hate to be in either person's position in that situation.)

However, TikTok user @sbmw83 had an intriguing idea for all those tech employees who were laid off recently, "Can the 12,000 Googlers get together with their experience and go build a new Google?" (Nice idea!) To which user @__kimberlydiaz replied, "I was thinking that...and add in the 18,000 Amazon and 11,000 Meta..." Now that would really be something. Just imagine if all the people who've been laid off by these tech giants got together and created their own tech company. (We'd certainly love to see it.)