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Watch This Remote Pilot's Skill as He Expertly Guides a Drone Around the Inside of a Barn

This drone plays in the hay and and then buzzes the rafters with astonishing finesse.

If the pilot of this country-loving drone isn't on the racing circuit, perhaps he ought to consider giving it a whirl. Maybe taking a break from the sun outside and seeking shade led to some exploration of aerial trickery within the confines of a barn.

The barn is filled with hay, both loosely strewn about the ground and in bales stacked against the walls. After a hard day's work, these objects are now simply playthings for a little drone therapy. 

Add the towering rafters to the obstacle course, as well as the foresight to capture the antics on film, and we have a TikTok video you don't want to miss.

Creator @simonwallaceblakely treats us to the daring display of agrarian aeronautics.

It's great fun to watch the flying machine caress the hay on the ground, kick it up into the air and then maneuver through the roofing's support beams before it makes its escape, whizzing off into the wild blue yonder.

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The international appeal of witnessing expert drone-pilot skills is evident.

Commenter @jay.uk69 marvels at the video: "You got good control, mate!" he writes.

Praise from Italy is offered as admirer @giuseppevaniglia weighs in with "bravissimo complimenti dalla Sicilia."

Pilot flying drone through radio-controlled handset

Pilot flying drone through radio-controlled handset. (IMAGO / Westend61)

A note from @yakuptelli424242 inquires about where to buy a drone like this as he asks in German, "Wo kann ich denn kaufen?????"

We're sure @simonwallaceblakely must be pleased with the global admiration. He pretty much sums up what he's doing on his TikTok page with three simple words: "Sharing my passion."

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