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Man Attempts To Find Stolen Property With Apple AirTags In Stealth Investigation

"Don't steal from me," says the creator of the video.

A man has a recurring problem with valuable items being stolen from his property. With a theory that it's the same thief that keeps looting things, he sets a quad out for the taking, but with Apple AirTag tracking disks placed strategically in it. He hopes they will lead him to the criminal and his possessions.

Posted to TikTok by user @whistlindiesel.officia, see how the stealth investigation turns out in the video below.


"If you like to take on projects, we have a ton of trespassing neighbors," writes commenter @cantcontainus.

"Damn, homie got caught in 4K resolution," notices @chefauthorized.

"It's your neighbors, too, and you think it's random people," says @vegasak.

"This is so satisfying," remarks @_vallikelly_.

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"When he turned around at the end, I lost it," writes @yungsxsymbl. "He did it the right way, though. He's better than me."

User @jakedill8 implores, "Make sure he pays for damages to the camera, too."

"Happy when bad guys are caught!" exclaims @kalicoscommunity.

"Fun fact, I had no idea how cheap Apple air tags were," writes @sweetmoonpeaches. "I audibly said, 'whoah' when I saw how many you had."

Viewer of the video @traciprice929 sums it up: "You did awesome, dude!" she says.

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