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Video: Drone Light Show Rocks July 4 In Park City and Fireworks vs. Drones Opinions Are Underway

"Well done, beautiful, without the noise," writes a viewer of the video.

As Fourth of July nightfall descends upon towns, cities and resort destinations in the U.S., crowds gather to gaze upon the sky a for night time show. The fireworks boom, the sky lights up, and the attention of thousands is focused for a few dazzling moments as we enjoy the spectacle of pyrotechnics. 

But wait. Is that a revolution on the horizon? 

Posted by TikTok user @firefly_droneshows, the video below shows a fabulous drone light show that replaced fireworks there this year and the debate about the future of fireworks has begun.


"This is the answer to fireworks and animal and environmental safety!" writes commenter @lolacatgogo2. "Drones would rock!"

"Look, Ma, no fireworks!" @conrick23 says. "Bring all the dogs to the show!"

"Amazing!" exclaims @mominator8. "This is the future. I can't wait until you've taken over the world!"

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"No traumatizing our veterans," surmises @iciesa.

Viewer of the video @robertking669 says, "Great God bless the USA! Well done, great job!"

"Drones are less dangerous and more CO2-friendly. And just cooler and 100 percent customizable," writes @rikxianele309.

"Wow!" says firework supporter @ja14.2. "Hard to wrap my mind around this. Fantastic. Fireworks are still the best."

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