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Man Rides New Electric Bike In Fast-Moving Video And His Reaction Is Priceless

The man in the video calls it a "motorcycle in a box."

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E-bikes are emerging as a great alternative for riders interested in sustainable commuting, looking to cut gas costs, or just seeking a fun way to get around and joy-ride. An enthusiast gets and films an inaugural ride on his new Super73 Electric Motorbike as soon as it is delivered and his excitement is palpable. 

Uploaded to TikTok by user @jenningsbrower, you can see the sweet bike in action yourself in this video.


"A motorcycle in a box!" video poster @jenningsbrower exclaims.

"My 6-year-old just yelled at the screen, 'Where's your helmet?" writes user @katusslatus.

"I mean it's a bicycle with electric motors, more of an e-bike than a motorcycle," writes @discoveringtim. "You don't pedal a motorcycle."

"Yeah, my work sells that one," says @beardedbever. "They're 3,700 dollars bub. I'll buy a used gas scooter for 600 bucks then spend 5 dollars a week on gas."

"He's like a child with a new toy," remarks @johant9322. "Congrats, looks fun!"

"Yeah, too bad they don't go faster uphill," says reader @stunnann6.

"You do have to use the Pedal Assist for super steep hills (for reference the Culver City Steps)," replies video creator @jenningsbrower. "But this one handles normal inclines and hills well!"

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