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Spectacular Video of Wild Rave Laser Show Has Viewers Astonished

"Who needs kaleidoscope glasses when you got this?" asks a viewer of the video.

A laser show recently posted to TikTok dazzles concert attendees and people who watch the clip on their phones and computer screens. This Pukkelpop show in Belgium does raise some questions about lasers as entertainment, particularly regarding whether lasers aimed at crowds would be legal in the United States.

See it yourself in this video posted by TikTok user @ravetalk.


People are blown away, judging by the comments on this one.

"OMG! That would’ve melted my mind. Love it!" says @plurlfe.

"Don’t let Excision see this," writes @davidabba1.

User @lilwillywoo exclaims, "I wouldn’t live!"

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"Who needs kaleidoscope glasses when you got this?" asks @ponchivxx.

Viewer of the video @hauntedtm says, "Dude, I'm sober and this made me want to cry."

Reader @afternez notes the legality issue: "They shine lasers directly at the crowd, pretty sure that wouldn’t be legal in the US."

We checked on this, and the US does have federal regulations regarding lasers pointed at crowds. Specifically, according to, "Beams must be kept at least 2.5 meters laterally and 3.0 meters vertically from audience access. This means laser beams should be kept approximately 10 feet above any surface upon which someone can stand, and approximately 8 feet in lateral separation."

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