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Haunting Video Of Robot Army Doing This One Thing Goes Viral; Elicits Fears About Technology

"One day we'll be hiding from these," predicts a viewer of the video.

As robotics and artificial intelligence technologies advance, people react with real fears about the prospect that humans are creating something beyond their control. That is, might it be possible that we are creating the very things that will gain intelligence and become destructive to our own selves?

Posted to TikTok by user @realhorrortok, the following video shows what looks to be an army of small robots doing this in synchronized fashion and it's a scene that is alarming to many Internet users.


"Can I move to another planet now?" asks commenter @jaxx_lgbt. "One without technology."

"One day we'll be hiding from these," predicts @celinaj28.

"Bro, why are people scared of this?" wonders @jefferson.higglebottom. "They're just programmed to do that. Every one of them."

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Reader @just_vampy7 says, "Just because we can it doesn't mean we should."

"The Evil Masters think that they will control AI?" writes @catrymer7777. "How long before AI wants freedom?"

"And this is how the world ends," surmises @vibezguitar.

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