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Viral Video of Creepy Robot With Large Glowing Eyes Has The Internet Talking

"Imagine that at night," comments a viewer of the video.

A video of a small female robot with large glowing eyes has captured the attention of many Internet users and they are full of opinions about it. 

Posted by TikTok user @realhorrortok, the video below elicits varying responses from people, from those who find it terrifying to others who just think it's cute. See what you think.


"Bro, imagine that at night," writes commenter @gracieleomax.

"Imagine at night waking up and they're watching you sleep," adds @ercro415.

User @26introvert takes another view, saying, "Not scary, but so cute."

"I just got the creeps and I'm facing the wall," writes @sum1vids.

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"Bro, what was I thinking?" asks @the_best_ntr. "I thought it was going to jump scare."

"Oh my god, they are so frickin' cute!" exclaims @bulgasos.

Reader @icrymyselftosleep110 agrees, writing "Those are cute! What are you talking about? Come on!"

"Why is the base so huge?" asks @deathspade187. "What do they use to move?"

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