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Blonde Robot Barista Is Unleashed In Viral Video And People Have Opinions

A robot barista elicits reactions from viewers of a video.

Robotics technology is improving rapidly, and this fact is both exciting for its potential and disturbing to some people for various reasons. One concern people have is its possible infringement on people's ability to find jobs if robots are available to fill them.

Posted by TikTok user @promobot.robots, the video below shows one such advancement in this field. We're not concerned this is really anything more than a stunt for attention at this point, but this blonde barista robot is definitely attracting some eyes and opinions.


"So we won't have any jobs soon," writes commenter @anavia61.

Viewer of the video @zay_is_cool_bro says, "There are movies and video games explaining why this is a bad idea economically."

"I mean people already don’t wanna work, so...." writes @swift131313131313.

"Many people need work so we don't have to accept a robot," remarks @gabrielle_5305. "Not a good end to it all."

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"I don't understand why we need a robot to stay in there and look pretty, when Taco Bell has computer screens for ordering," notes @tattoooedfisherman.

User @valentin.sdr jokes, "I'm sorry, there is oil in my coffee."

"Took a job?" wonders @greatlyfe. "Meanwhile, building and maintaining them will provide multiple jobs."

"I just love her look from her polka dot pink shirt to her giant pearl necklace," admires @stacywelch227. "I wear a similar pearl necklace. I hardly ever wear anything else."

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