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This Man Will Never Haul Luggage Around The Airport Again And He Shows You How

Here's how you can finally wander through airports hands-free.

Most people love traveling. We like to visit new places or familiar surroundings that we are fond of. It's just the getting there part that can be a pain.

One of the main issues with air travel is dealing with all the luggage. Some bags you check in, others you carry around with you the entire journey. But not this man. He found an alternative.

TikTok user @djspindizzy shows us his key to easy traveling in this  short video.


"Is that like not really easy to steal, though?" asks commenter @oliviamayrowe.

Video viewer @oriromero_ writes, "If I open my suitcase I can’t close it no more."

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"This is gonna make up for the fact that I never had light-up shoes or heelies as a kid," says @thevantalord.

Commenter @hk_afg1407 writes, "My trust issues would not be able to handle this i’d feel like it’ll still get lost."

This solution seems to work for @djspindizzy and we hope it helps some of our readers as well.

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