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Video: Thief Goes Back To Beverly Hills Home He Robbed and Asks For ID He Left

"Stupidly bold," writes a commenter.

A man is scene in a doorstep security camera video asking for a very odd favor. He says his "brother" left his ID at the home and he wonders if he could have it back, suggesting he needs it or can't go to work. The homeowner reportedly found the ID in a bag and the man was arrested.


Posted by @crimeoncamera, there is no shortage of comments about this footage.

"Stupidly bold," writes commenter @fifthbabydaddy.

"Bro, why take any type of ID to a robbery?" asks @rivasgom.

"Can't rob without your burglar license," jokes @rivasgom. "That's illegal."

"I'm guessing it's his first time doing this," suggests @marthafg34.

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"Buddy, LOL," says @pureblood_leo. "Imagine the audacity."

"In California, this makes perfect sense," writes @mrhero215. "And I’m shocked the owner didn’t give it back after giving him a warm meal and a mail-in ballot."

"Wow!" exclaims user @the_new_me2. "Like the home owner is suppose to say, 'Oh here you go.'"

"OMG," writes @cardonecucinacharlotte. "The absolute nerve."

"OK," notes @icanchangethislater_. "But he already robbed the place. He should know his way around."

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