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This Video Shows What Moon Dirt Looks Like And How It Behaves When Handled

"It definitely felt a little sharp," the creator of the video writes. "Like micro fragments of glass in flour."

This video shows what Moon dirt looks and feels like when handled. "While this is a simulant, it mimics the same chemical composition, mechanical properties, look, feel, etc." writes @thegalacticgal, who posted the video.

"So it's as close to the real deal as you can get without going to the Moon yourself," she continues. "We make simulants like this to help us better understand how to work with the lunar regolith, handle it, transport it, build with it, etc."


"It definitely felt a little sharp," @thegalacticgal says. "Like micro fragments of glass in flour."

One user didn't realize it was a simulant and says this upon finding out: "Ok yeah, LOL, I was gonna say, I thought lunar matter was illegal to possess."

One user describes it with some level of knowledge and detail. "Lunar soil is like jagged micro glass.. no erosion," he writes. "Basically 4 billion years or so of asteroid blast and no wind/water to make it smooth."

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"Available at Home Depot?" a viewer of the video jokingly asks.

"Looked like your hand was shaking a little from excitement. So cool!!!" a reader exclaims.

"I just had to write a paper about using lunar regolith and in-situ resources for a NASA program I'm in right now. Fun to see this on FYP," writes another user with some familiarity of the subject matter.

We don't get to feel it ourselves, but it's great to see what dirt from the moon looks like and get a good description of what it does and what the research using it is for.

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