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TikTokers Are Using AI Filters to Try to Find Ghosts

This is seriously freaky!

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TikTok filters are all fun and games until they show you something you don't want to see. Seriously, some of them can just straight-up traumatize you. Some of them show what you would look like as the opposite gender. Some of them try to predict how your year will turn out. And some of them can, allegedly, reveal ghosts.

A new filter called AI Manga uses artificial intelligence to turn users into anime characters. It's every anime lover's dream come true. But one user had a different idea about how the filer should be utilized.

TikToker @saffron_4 posted a video of them using this AI filter to find ghosts while working the night shift at their hospital. The video is seriously creepy and is making us question everything we think we know.

I will never leave my house ever again because it looks like they're everywhere! Even though, for the most part, these ghosts don't look malicious. There's even one who looks like they're just trying to get a snack. Still, I never want to go near this place.

People in the comments were just as freaked out. "I said AWOOP JUMPSCARE," TikTok user @freya_freyja8 said. "I love ghost hunting but if I was alone. I'm running and never turning back," said. "Try the morgue 👀," @zendaya.bluetick said.

Of course, there's no way to prove that this filter is actually showing us ghosts. It may just be a flaw in the AI. But it's still something to consider the next time you use this filter.