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Let's say you are doing the dishes or going through emails on your desktop computer, or any other household activity for that matter. You figure you could save some time by catching up on some TikTok videos in the process.

TikTok poster @techkitchen shows us how in this 44-second video. The trick is in knowing how to use your phone's Accessibility features.

As @techkitchen explains, all you need to do is open Settings and then scroll down to Accessibility. Then further scroll down to voice control and turn it on. You then enable Customize Command to create a word or phrase that your phone will associate with a touch-screen command. 

In this case, @techkitchen records the simple act of swiping from the bottom of the phone screen to the top of the phone screen to mimic the act of scrolling to the next TikTok video in a series. He associates that act with the word "Next" and now when he says, "Next," the phone follows his voice command and repeats the scrolling action, moving on to the next TikTok video.

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Photo credit: IMAGO / Lobeco

Photo credit: IMAGO / Lobeco

So now you can catch up on TikTok videos while doing something productive, and you can do it hands-free. There's really no sense in rinsing and drying your hands of dishwashing soap every time you want to start a new video if you don't need to, is there?

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