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Truth Behind Why TikTok Videos Really Go Viral Is Staggering

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Have you ever wondered why some TikTok videos go viral while others don't? If you have, we've got just the video for you. 

As TikTok user @todayindigital explains in this video...(You're not going to believe this.) 

So basically, TikTok is rigged. When they say 'life ain't fair', they weren't kidding. They should amend that phrase to be 'TikTok ain't fair.' Here's what the internet had to say about this revelation. 

A number of people weren't actually all that surprised. With several surmising this to be the reason why some less than stellar videos go viral on TikTok. One of which was TikTok user @RuneMeisterKris who commented, "Based on the number of genuinely boring TikTok's I happen across with 1 million plus views, I don't doubt this at all." 

While TikTok user @CuddlyLee added, "This makes sense then why the first video from some accounts can explode even if it's nothing special." 

And TikTok user @TheonewithMHAcrochettops' comment pushed this discussion even further when they said, "Ohhh do others remember also when you'll get notifications of random videos, all the comments were about how they got a notification without even knowing the op."

Among those who were also not surprised was TikTok user @NikheilSingh who simply wrote, "I'm not really shocked by businesses acting like businesses." To which user @todayindigital brought up a good point, "True - but businesses usually have better consumer trust scores when they either don't pull stuff like this, OR at the least disclose that they do." 

Well, what do you think? Are you surprised? How does this affect the way you feel about TikTok? Will it make you think twice before checking out the next "viral" video?