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Guy Has Over 50 'Smart Phone' Devices in His Tiny House

This little house is as futuristic as it gets.

They say your home is your castle, and many people invest more money, time, and effort into maintaining and optimizing their living spaces than any other aspect of their daily lives. We've seen more people working from home, which has come with a slew of new benefits - and some drawbacks. With all this time spent at home, many have bought smart devices to help run their residences more efficiently and with less stress. 

We've seen people upgrade their homes with smart appliances that can be programmed and controlled from a single device, while others install smaller options to automate basic operations like lighting or doors. They can range from a few separate items to elaborate setups. TikTok user @b_turner50 showed off his forward-thinking approach that combines many devices working in a small space. 

Commenters had some questions after watching this unique walkthrough video. Emily Munguia asked, "Can you do a “wake up with me” video so we can see how everything functions on its own when you get ready for the day?" "How is your home network speeds doing with handling so many devices? What router are you using? Thanks!" inquired Neomd117. Chris Mills808 requested, "any chance of a tutorial on how you made your bed sensor?"

This solution is actually great for a small space, be it a tiny home or your standard big-city apartment. With a secure home connection (providing it's reliable), keeping everything on the same network must make things a lot easier to manage. Hopefully this inspires others to pursue their own setups to make their castles a bit more enjoyable.

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