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This Tiny Robot Gymnast Is About To Nail A Quadruple Backflip

We're all rooting for this little robot athlete.

Every day, we’re seeing robots imitate some of the most complex human tasks with absurd precision, and the below clip is another example of just that.

This tiny robotic gymnast is about to show us just how accomplished it is, not to mention its programmer, a YouTuber who goes by “Hinamitetu”.

The robot is also known as Hinamitetu, and it’s about to absolutely crush a quadruple backflip … with a not-so-little twist.


Did you catch that Kovacs flip before nailing that quad backflip? That’s an Olympian level combo. 

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Here’s another potential shocker: this video actually dates back to 2013, and was re-shared by a professional gymnast named Ian Gunther on TikTok.

That fact actually makes the video that much more fascinating. That being the case, imagine how far this type of robotics technology has advanced.

Unfortunately, the YouTuber Hinamitetu hasn’t uploaded a new video in more than two years. Though, while their progress is unknown, major advancements have been made elsewhere in research groups, like Boston Dynamics.

The group has moved on from quadrupedal robots to bipedal ones that are getting more impressive at a frankly scary pace. We’d much better like it if those robots stayed as small as Hinamitetu — much more manageable for the inevitable uprising, of course.

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