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Apple Rumored to Be Introducing a Touch Screen 'Macbook'

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Technology sure changes fast nowadays. Back in my day (insert old man grandpa voice here) we had to listen to music on a device to called an iPod...But then one day, eons ago (June 29th 2007 A.D., to be precise) the iPhone was released and eyeballs have been glued to screens and ears occupied by ear(air)buds (mine included) ever since. 

All this is to say that Apple products have had a pretty sizable impact on both our culture and day to day lifestyles for quite a while now, and the rumor about their latest innovation teases that more technological transformation might be on the horizon.

TikTok user breaks it down...

That's pretty wild. Like (re-insert old man grandpa voice here) I remember seeing screens people could touch like that in an old Star Trek episode back in...(sorry folks, old man grandpa just fell asleep mid sentence.) 

Naturally, as with all things that are new, technology based, news (or well...anything) the internet reacted. Here are some of the hot takes from's break down of Apple's latest...

Some were for it, like @DaCloudyKing, who responded, "This significantly increases my likelihood to buy one. No touchscreen is the biggest factor in me not owning one." And @BaldBeardedKeith pointed out, "I can sort of see it from the standpoint that the M based MacBooks can run IOS and iPad applications. A touch screen would increase compatibility." While some didn't see the point, such as @Lu who wrote, "TBH, I'll never understand the touchscreen computer. Mouses and keyboards are all basic people need." 

Personally, I'm intrigued to try out a touch screen MacBook, when and if they become available. What about you? Will you be giving Apple's latest a shot when/if it comes to fruition?