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Son Convinces Mom That TV Is a 'Touch Screen' and We're Cracking Up

She fell for it hook, line, and sinker!

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Over the past few years, we have seen televisions go from just being screens getting larger and flatter to becoming like larger versions of computers. Adding network connectivity means they can show more than over-the-air or cable content, which has led to the ability to access streaming services, which has led to a proliferation of streaming services. Manufacturers continue to add more capabilities to these smart TVs, while still keeping them in a fair tiered pricing structure that allows consumers to access all these new options.

For all the things televisions can do now, there are certain things they are not capable of doing. For instance, they will not be able to match the user interactivity of computers and will never be able to truly replace them. That being said, TikTok user @rileydoingthingstoo pulled a fast one on a parent with the new smart TV. 

Commenters were somewhat divided on this video, although most found the humor in it. Sunshine noted, "For all the years she made you go find her remote and it always ended up being close to her." "I relate to mom too! Why would anyone want to touch screens tv?? Remote is easier! LOL" argued Tracey G. Mrs.Jackson admitted, "I can totally see my son doing this to me in the future."

While I would never do this to a loved one, this is a pretty funny prank to pull. However, I would advise against anyone trying to climb on cushions to reach a mounted flat screen TV, touch screen or otherwise.