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Transform Your iPhone Into Portable Full Console With This Gaming Tip People Are Talking About

The Backbone is the answer to many gamers' wishes.

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Now you can play games on your iPhone with a product you may not have heard of. Among other things, it allows you to connect to the Xbox Cloud and play Xbox games on the go.

The Backbone transforms your iPhone into a powerful gaming controller with the look and feel of your controller at home. According to TikTok video poster @chichbolt, it could trick you into feeling like you had a next-generation Nintendo Switch in your hands.

Check it out by watching the following quick video. We've added some reader comments below.


"Anything to make long train rides go faster!!!" writes an appreciative commenter. "Great review! Thanks."

"It's probably half my life savings," says another. To which the video poster answers, "It’s a Benjamin ($100)."

A user exclaims, "I want one!"

"Yoooo this is such a good vid!" writes another.

One user seems to wonder if his self-discipline could handle it. "Halo on iPhone!!? that’s a little dangerous for me."

And another excited viewer of the video writes, "OMG, I need to get that for my phone!!"

It looks like a lot of fun to us, so we wanted to share this video with you.

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