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See What's Under Water In World's Deepest Pool That Triggers People's Fears and Fantasies

"I thought this was going to be really pretty," writes a commenter. "But instead it terrified me."

A woman at the edge of a swimming pool steps down onto a stairway leading into the pool. As she descends with a camera fit for underwater filming, the view below the surface is suddenly visible. It is unlike any swimming pool in the world. In fact, Deep Dive Dubai bills itself as the world's deepest pool. Check out what it's like underwater in the video below.


Uploaded by TikTok user @_theexpeditioner, the clip lays the foundation for some users' passionate reactions.

"I thought this was going to be really pretty," writes commenter me@kaylacracker.c. "But instead it terrified me."

"What in the lost city of Atlantis is this?" asks @mycommentgetsmorelikes.

"It would be less scary if the giant hole wasn't there," says @h0eforjackharlow.

"Imagine playing mermaids in there," suggests @lemon_head05.

"I don't know why, but this terrifies me," confesses @itsjustme1267. "I didn't even know I had this fear."

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"This is what I imagined as a kid being left in the tub," recalls @pinuppixie.

"When I say that I'm scared of large deep pools, this is what I mean," writes @jorbelis_arias_re.

"How is this scary to people?" asks @steeezy694200. "It's awesome."

"Great," says @thedisneykiki. "Now I know what my heart tastes like."

"I actually love this," announces @irlmonsterhighdoll. "Playing mermaids there would be so fun."

Deep Dive Dubai describes the experience like this: "The 60-meter pool is the deepest in the world, giving everyone the chance to discover the depth of their potential, as they also discover an underwater world filled with adventure and wonder."

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