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Video: Brakeless Semi Carrying Autos Roars Through Neighborhood and Crashes Into Cars

"This is in Torrington, Connecticut," writes a viewer of the video. "Probably close to a mile of steep incline right before what you're seeing."

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A semi with a car carrier trailer and horn blaring is seen speeding down a small neighborhood street. Local residents are clearly not ready for the level of emergency the big truck is bringing with it. Its brakes are out and the driver is doing all he can to warn the locals that danger is barreling into town. Without sufficient means to alert folks in time to get out of the way, neighbors watch as the truck crashes into cars and that barely slows it down. Watch the video here to see the jarring moments.


Uploaded by @usa_transportation, the video provides the foundation for some discussion in the comments.

"This is in Torrington, Connecticut," writes commenter @bradmeling. "Probably close to a mile of steep incline right before what you're seeing."

"How do you get brake fade in a neighborhood?" asks @1_sl0w_97. There's no extreme braking for it to happen."

"There could have been a long grade before that," suggests @alluishus. "Or doing most of the heat on the highway exit ramp and no recovery time, so failure just happened here."

"Nice," says @javiercaban2. "Gave all the warnings in the world and that car still didn't want to get out of the way."

Video viewer @novatosss summarizes things like this: "It's a dangerous job," he writes. "People just don't know."

We post videos such as these as part of our coverage because we hope there are specific behaviors drivers can learn and implement to help make our roads safer for all of us.

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