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Truck Driver Helps Older Woman Reach Car On Flooded Street In Heartwarming Way

The creator of the video calls this "the most wholesome thing you'll see today."

An older woman's car is parked in what was presumably a dry location when she left the vehicle. But now, as she is returning to her car, there is water on the road that is preventing her from safely and dryly getting to her door. That's when a truck driver steps up and figures out an ingenious way to help.

Posted to TikTok by user @tech, watch this video to see how he creatively comes to the rescue.


The creator of the video call this "the most wholesome thing you'll see today."

"Can you imagine a world we’re everyone did one act of kindness a day to a stranger, not just their job but something like this?" asks @taylorgirl013.

"Raising others to raise us all," writes @jttex. "Love it!"

"Awww, sooo sweet!" exclaims @dinoking28.

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"When people are good," proclaims @goblinninja, "We are really good."

"All we have is each other," says @lojojumping12. "Let’s stick together and keep helping. Thank you for helping her!"

"Never get tired of seeing people be good to each other," writes @haroldappleknocke91.

Viewer of the video @sparker94 sums it up like this: "My faith in humanity is restored."

We post videos such as these as part of our coverage because we hope there are specific behaviors drivers can learn and implement to help make our roads safer for all of us.

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