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Sparks Fly! This Driver Takes Big Risk In Video and People Have Opinions

This is way too dangerous to try in a vehicle with a combustible engine.

This man apparently has to be somewhere and he's only got one option: a very hazardous mode of transportation

This video, posted by TikTok user @failarmy, must be seen to understand exactly what the driver is up to.


"He's trying to get to Popeye's before they run out of chicken sandwiches," writes a commenter.

Another surmises: "And that's why I'm paying so much in taxes to fix the roads."

"When you play too much of GTA," guesses a viewer of the video.

Another guesses as to what's going on: "He really didn't want to pay the tow truck."

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"Haha, omg, he’s funken crazy!" exclaims a user.

Another makes a different guess: "Probably hit and run."

And this comment sums it all up: "What in the actual frick did I just watch?!"

Well, we don't know, but the driver is taking on too much risk with sparks flying all over the place like that.

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