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Man With Bare Hands Shockingly Holds Semitruck From Tipping For a Time and People Have Opinions

The question is, how long can one keep this sort of thing up?

A semitruck is stopped on the side of a highway but precariously balanced on a slope. A man is seen at the back end of the trailer, holding onto the truck, singlehandedly keeping the truck from falling onto its side. But how long can he maintain this seemingly superhuman feat? And how does the situation resolve itself?

Posted to TikTok by user @dj3406, the video below shows the incident and reveals how the tense situation ends.


Viewer of the video @willy8er seems stunned. "Dude was just holding the semi from tipping with one hand," he observes.

"Why didn't anyone help him?" asks @geraldlaverty.

"He's clearly talking to someone," writes @karthismaru. "Why wouldn't they try pulling forward?"

"LOL, everyone saying people should help him," remarks an exasperated @matthewcourtney23. "What were they going to do? He wasn't truly holding back 60,000 pounds from falling. It would take machinery."

"I would have been scared it was going to fling me while I was holding onto it," writes @feeling.crafty. "Which is what I thought was going to happen."

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"Well, that expensive real quick," writes @sleds_brandon.

"Everyone in the comments is talking about how someone should have helped," recognizes @hungryhungryshoggoth. "Nobody is asking why a licensed trucker parked his truck in a spot where it would tip."

Reader @cole_that1g jokes about the ending, sarcastically remarking, "That's what women think you should do when they call."

User @djmystery848 has a different take. "He was on the phone with insurance," he writes. "They said they would cover it."

We post videos such as these as part of our coverage because we hope there are specific behaviors drivers can learn and implement to help make our roads safer for all of us.

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