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Brilliant Coder Has Sneaky 'Twitter' Blue Check Workaround

It's amazing what some people are able to figure out.

Since the Elon Musk buyout of Twitter last month, the social media platform has devolved into chaos and confusion. Thousands have lost their jobs, advertisers are running away in droves, and the company has pivoted to a subscription model that is turning off users. Those who have earned verified status for their accounts now face parody accounts who are spreading misinformation and can buy verification, with varying consequences.

There appear to be some tough days ahead for Musk et al., as exchanges with politicians potentially leading to another round of hearings on Capitol Hill to discuss new oversight and regulations. Much of the focus has been around who is offered the privilege of verification, how that is bestowed, and how that is used by accounts with the checkmarks. It does appear that TikTok user @codergirlchan has a clever solution for users who want the checkmark with paying or dealing with this drama.

Commenters have some mixed opinions on this suggestion but those who like it LOVE IT. "So you are the Queen I have been hearing about? Yasssss," responded Mtl Photo. lemoncakes_and_lemonade asked, "COULD I PAY U 8 DOLLARS TO DO THIS FOR ME?" "I wish I was smart like you. Also I love purple. lol," remarked Misha.

For those who have attempted to get verified in the old system, this is either a novel solution or an insult, given how much was asked to earn that blue checkmark. However, it is refreshing to see people use their wits and create their own autonomy, reclaiming their control on the social media platforms they helped build. 

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