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This Ultra-Realistic Game Engine Demo Is So Convincing It’s Almost Scary To Watch

The graphics in this game demo are so realistic-looking, you're just expecting something shocking to happen.
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Video game graphics get closer to the Uncanny Valley with every generation of new hardware and game-making software.

This latest advance seems to be similar in size and scope to when the first generation of 3D consoles — PlayStation, Nintendo 64 — made way for the second generation — PlayStation 2, GameCube.

That’s the vibe we get when we watch this demo for the latest version of the Unreal computer graphics engine. It’s so real-looking that it’s almost scary.


This video was posted by gaming TikToker The Fierce Diva, to which they’re shocked by the fidelity of these video game graphics.

The depth to which graphic environments are generated, down to the rooms within each building of this digital city, is downright staggering.

This game demo is called “The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal 5 Experience,” and it features some of the most advanced and elaborate graphics we’ve ever seen.

However, general gaming PC owners and professionals alike are coming to grips with just how advanced the hardware is necessary to manage the graphics within this demo.

“This tech demo kills my PC,” one viewer sadly commented.

“You need the hardware to run it,” another commenter said. “I’m running into this issue now as a developer.”

“Sadly there are rooms that are the same, there are just a good amount of renders to make it look that way,” one viewer pointed out, which is highly likely. “It's also a very good illusion trick, too.”

Finally, a truly based person such as ourselves said, “Just imagine what all this would look like in 2030.”

That’s right, keep on future-gazing.

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