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Couple's Hack for Unlocking 'Any iPhone' Has People Confused

This will seriously make your head spin.

Apple has engineered a lot of different features into each edition of the iPhone, often adding or evolving aspects with each new iteration. While things may change every year (or however often they issue new versions), it's usually easy to adapt or learn from previous iPhones. Part of the allure of the iPhone that keeps customers coming back is that ability to teach users new things and help them evolve as the products do so as well.

While many things change over the years, Apple has committed to many specific standards, especially safety and protecting users of their products. However, people have found some ways to work around the security features on iPhones. TikTok user @chrisandjasmin posted a clever (and hopefully not illegal) way to unlock an iPhone.

While it is risky to try to break into an iPhone without the owner's permission (and we certainly don't want to encourage malicious behavior from these videos), this seems an interesting work-around. That is takes so many steps to unlock the phone shows a commitment to security from Apple - and a commitment to solving these barriers by users. Of course, this will likely lead to some "updates" from developers to add new protective measures to these devices.

Commenters showed some skepticism to this video. Maythesassbewithyou replied, "That’s like 58 steps and I’ve already forgotten them. Lol." "It’s because your face is in front of the phone. As soon as you move to the side and do it, it doesn’t work," noted Kimberly Jones. Some were appreciative, like Raj Jat Samra, "That’s amazing thanks for the hack !!"

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