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Man Finds USB Stuck in a Brick Wall and Gets Most 'Boring' Surprise

This is the last thing he was expecting.

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With the constant evolution of personal computers and their capabilities, it can be hard to realize sometimes how far we have come with this technology. So much of our file-sharing and memory capacity has become virtual, thanks to "the cloud" and saving things to services like Google Drive, it can seem almost backwards that we used physical devices for decades. 10 years ago, most people carried at least one USB drive that held many gigabytes of files yet fit easily in a pocket or even went on a keychain. 

With the prevalent usage of USB devices for memory and other options with laptops and other devices comes an expected caveat: do not stick things in your device's USB drives if you don't know what they contain. This may seem obvious and something we should know from childhood, but it still needs to be said as it can lead to bad consequences like virus spreading. TikTok user @mryeester did not heed this advice and learned the hard way.

I have no idea why this person thought it was a good idea to plug a laptop into some random USB jutting out from a wall. That seems like something to avoid, like when Santa tells Buddy the Elf not to pick up gum off the street in New York. 

Commenters shared their concerns over what could have happened to this poster. Rikxianele309 responded, "you are lucky its not a USB KILLER." "the fact that he wasn't holding the computer up and the computer weight was all on the USB was worrying me," noted Neilthabest. Duskvll remarked, "haha I get it. It bricked your laptop."