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Video Addresses Game-Changing Planet X Question and Explains Why It Might Exist

The theory is not new, but a brief but illuminating video makes the complex scientific arguments easy to understand.

It's a fairly well-known fact that there is a debate in the scientific community about whether there may be another planet in our solar system, referred to as Planet X, or Planet 9 (because if it exists it would be the ninth planet from the sun). 

There are certain known pieces of data that could be explained by the existence of such a planet far beyond what we understand now to be the further reaches of our solar system. See them explained in concise and approachable fashion in this video by TikTok user @astro_alexandra.


"I want to believe," writes TikTok user @nickweins. "Wasn’t Neptune predicted to be there because of math and then it was found?" The creator of the video confirms that yes, this is the case.

"So horoscope signs gotta be updated?" asks @serenamae444 hilariously.

User suggests, also with a sense of humor, "It's Pluto's son, seeking revenge."

Video viewer @dazz316 asks, "Why is it we can find planets millions of light years away but not a potential one in our own backyard?"

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"Because we're mostly using the fact that they block light from their star(s)," user @epauze replies. "Since the star for this one is the sun, we can't use that method."

User @eduardorsbr adds another reason. "It's just that it's so far out in the solar system it reflects basically 0.0001% of the sun's light so we cant see it with a normal telescope," he says.

To which @epauze engages with @eduardorsbr, clarifying "The original commentor was referring to planets outside of our solar system," he writes. "That's why I explained how we can't see 'Planet X' the same way."

What do you believe? Do you think Planet X exists?

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