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Video Explains Why This Planet Is Naked And How It's Been Hiding From Us

This planet hugs its star so tightly that a year–one trip around the star–takes less than a day.

The planet TOI 849 b may be the naked core of a gas giant whose atmosphere was melted by the heat of its star.

The fascinating video below, posted to TikTok by user @astro_alexandra, explains the phenomenon. A NASA Web site says the planet has "an estimated surface temperature of nearly 2,800 degrees Fahrenheit. It's a scorcher even compared to Venus, which is 880 degrees Fahrenheit."


"Wait… Venus is hotter than Mercury?" asks commenter @csblnk.

User @bradybeingsocial writes to the video poster, "Your videos are always so informative. Your passion and enthusiasm is so infectious. You make a planet 700 LY away feel approachable."

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"You made me realize that space is really cool," admires @._.pastalover.

NASA explains further that "though about the size of Neptune, the planet appears to have little or no atmosphere. Scientists aren't sure why, but the possibilities include photoevaporation – the stripping away of a planet's atmosphere by intense radiation from its star."

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