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Freelance Composer Shows How Creating Gaming Music May be Easier than Playing the Game

Incredibly evocative with a few simple moves!

Video games have changed dramatically since the first cartridge-using consoles landed in living rooms back in the 1980s. For those who grew up on Super Mario, seeing games with such animated characters, lifelike scenery and atmospheres, and immersive gameplay experiences can be almost overwhelming when tossing in a modern title. Franchises have emerged from popular games, while many have developed from gamers who wanted to create their own experiences for consoles and smartphones. 

Many elements of games require collaborative experts working on aspects like gameplay, graphics, and storylines. While some games hang their hats on beautiful orchestrations of varying musical genres for atmosphere and increased gravitas, some in the field believe there are other paths to musically scoring games. TikTok user @jordan.wav takes us through his process as a freelance composer and it doesn't seem so involved. 

This video really interests people because it makes the music work on a combination of emotion and nostalgia. Using a synthesizer gives it a real throwback feel, while linking the mood to game performance evokes those reactions for players. While I'm not a big video game person (and I usually turn sound off for phone games), I would be curious to hear his past work and see if this video leads to any new opportunities.

Commenters provided some interesting insights on this video. Gugu reminisced, "remind me of Legend of Zelda." "Game name: the life of a dream," suggested yourmom. Adam Knight admitted, "I also just recently got a microFreak and stared into the middle distance for hours while turning knobs and pressing keys. Higher experience."

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