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Video Shows How To Use Back of iPhone To Perform Tasks

Some may already be aware of this, but here is a good iPhone tip if you are not.

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The back of your iPhone is not only for branding. It can be used to perform various functions. If you have a particular task that you do frequently, using the back of your phone in this way could be the easiest approach.

Learn how in this video posted by TikTok user @heimadigital.


"OMG! I tried it right away and worked," writes a commenter. "My brain exploded."

A user clarifies you can tap anywhere on the back of the phone, not necessarily on the logo. "You can click everywhere on the backside," the user says.

"You can actually tap any part of the back of the iphone, though," confirms another.

"Works on mine," a reader reports. "iPhone XR."

"It’s true guys," another writes. "Wow, I was amazed when I tried it."

Another seems pleased to have implemented it. "I never knew this was real, wow."

"I can do it. U gotta try it," urges a reader.

"Amazing," a commenter writes. "Easier, although yes, not necessarily the Apple logo."

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